Trustee’s Corner

Trustee’s Corner

A warm welcome to our institution!
It is with a deep sense of pride that I lead our dedicated faculty and uniquely talented student body int 21st century, in a Trust which has such a rich and enviable legacy of being associated with some of the greatest stalwarts and visionaries our country has seen. Our institution is a vibrant, diverse and excite one, grounded in bedrock values with a contemporary vision. Our college campus is a beautiful one, a mix of heritage and modern buildings, and one that complements our dynamic community. We have faculty and staff from a wide range of academic backgrounds who is joined by one strong unbreakable bond-  a desire to provide a stellar education to our students in an environment which promotes creativity, freedom and healthy learning.
We are committed to providing a conducive educational environment, state of the art infrastructure, modern technology in teaching and excellent teaching staff from the fulfillment with the aim of achieving excellence and imparting quality education to our students. Our special focus is on high moral values, sound intellectual,knowledge, decision making skills and on promoting developing essential skills in our students which go beyond classroom learning. In a time where the world has gone through the Covid 19 pandemic, our institutions are set to lead the change in this new era with evolved teaching techniques, well sanitized facilities and a focus on the holistic well being of our students and staff.
 It has been said that Education off the Mind without the Education of the Heart is no education at all-Weat the Podar group of institutions strongly believe in this ideology and for this reason while we focus on imparting academic knowledge to our students, we are equally focused on the all-round, holistic, mental and emotional development of our students. We aim to develop in young people a strong value system along with traits like compassion and empathy so they can make a positive difference to the world around them.
 I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our students who have been recently placed into corporate, academia or public life after the completion of their studies with us. It is a moment of great pride for us that every year we are able to produce stellar students who are go on to secure top ranks in University Examinations, get placed in government services, clear competitive examinations and also bring us laurels in inter-university sporting events. The last Academic Year was no different. Of course while the effort of the students is applauded, it is not possible without the tireless dedication of our faculty who are mentoring and supporting our students to ensure that they excel both within and beyond he classroom. We are also very thankful to the parents of the students, our alumni and support staff tor then commitment towards our institution and their role in helping us achieve our vision.
 A Podar Education presents students with opportunities to discover their unique abilities and talents. This spirit of discovery, driven by the willingness to take on new challenges is what makes our students graduate as articulate, expressive and confident young people who excel in all fields of life.
 I would like to wish you all the very best and look forward to welcoming you to our institutions .

Vedica Podar

Trustee, APT

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To see an India where man and nature can co-exist in harmony, where equality, justice and understanding are nurtured to develop rational thinking and compassionate hearts. We believe in our vision of a better tomorrow and better world.

Our Mission

The mission of the Trust is to provide quality education to the students; and to produce young people through our holistic value-based and progressive education, of whom any family, college or nation can be proud of.

Our Moto

Excellence & Growth.

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