Principal’s Corner

Principal’s Corner

According to Sukrat, “The Meaning of education is to bring to light all the invisible thoughts in the brain of every human being of the world”

Education is regarded as that light which is capable to lighten all the area of life from the Vaidik period. That’s why scholars said that ‘education is the third eye’. There is no internal light like education. Light of knowledge earned from education dispels ignorance and make learners capable to understand the real value of life.

By making all round development of the child, education enables one to fulfill the responsibility of his life. Education develops the physical, mental, moral, emotional, and spiritual powers of a person. Through education a person solves his problems and makes his life blissful and gets involvement in the works of public welfare. Just as a lotus flowers blossoms after receiving the light of the sun, in the same way human life blossoms like a lotus after receiving the light of education and his fame spread in all directions. Education where develops all the human qualities, on the other hand, it makes learners an important and responsible member of the society and a capable and alert citizen of the nation as well. The teacher’s expenditure is superior to other profession because it has maximum opportunities for the creation to flourish.

Education is the creator who prepares the future leaders of the country. The teacher ignites students just like such a lamp, which will continue to shine light in life and world till eternity.

I see the dream of a sublime nation and congratulate all the teachers and their creative thoughts.

Podar educational institution is helpful in imparting education to the students according to their abilities, interests by which they achieve their high aspirations and eternal values and try to establish the pride of the Shekhawati region by leading the country and the coming generation in the field of education.

At the door of progress warmly wishes and welcome,

Dr. Durga Bhojak

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To see an India where man and nature can co-exist in harmony, where equality, justice and understanding are nurtured to develop rational thinking and compassionate hearts. We believe in our vision of a better tomorrow and better world.

Our Mission

The mission of the Trust is to provide quality education to the students; and to produce young people through our holistic value-based and progressive education, of whom any family, college or nation can be proud of.

Our Moto

Excellence & Growth.

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