Executive Director’s Corner

Executive Director’s Corner

Dear College aspirants,
In the present era of globalization, the nature of education has significantly changed. Education cannot be learning just by rote and reproducing what you have learnt at the examinations. It must build in students the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership. An educationist has to be their role model. Seth G. B. Podar T.T. College focuses on all these dimensions of education. Through our student-centered approach, we try to develop practical skills in the students so that they can think critically and apply their knowledge to unfamiliar situations, successfully encountering and mastering them. We try to shape our students into a complete personality, bringing them in contact with the latest trends and developments in various fields of knowledge. At the same time, we also inculcate moral values and standards into them, making them noble and responsible members of a world society. In my capacity as the Director of the Anandilal Podar Trust, I promise you the best of teaching faculty, infrastructural facilities, and opportunities to march ahead in a safe and secure environment of the college.

I look forward to your joining us soon.

With best wishes.

M. D. Shanbhag
Executive Director, APT


Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To see an India where man and nature can co-exist in harmony, where equality, justice and understanding are nurtured to develop rational thinking and compassionate hearts. We believe in our vision of a better tomorrow and better world.

Our Mission

The mission of the Trust is to provide quality education to the students; and to produce young people through our holistic value-based and progressive education, of whom any family, college or nation can be proud of.

Our Moto

Excellence & Growth.

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